On August 31, 1910, a group of people, who wished to establish a Reformed Church in Palmerton, met in the Union Chapel, located in the 100 block of Lehigh Avenue.

After petitioning the Eastern Synod of the Reformed Church for admission, they were known as the First Reformed Church Congregation of Palmerton. The first services were conducted by Dr. Charles E. Schaeffer in the United Evangelical Church on Church Street. This is the building now occupied by the Russian Orthodox Church.

The next services were held in Snyder Hall which was in the Snyder Hotel, located where the Spillane’s Store is at this time. The first full-time pastorate began on January 1, 1911, with the election of the Reverend Morgan Peters.


Feeling the necessity to have a building, the congregation secured land on Delawar
e Avenue and on June 2, 1912, the First Reformed Church was dedicated.

The church continued to grow to the extent that by 1917 an annexwas built for Sunday School purposes.
By 1947, we had and secured land for the Educational Building which was dedicated in 1955. As part of this building program, a new sanctuary was included. This part of the program was completed in 1964 with the dedication taking place in May of that year

The name of the denomination, which started as the Reformed Church, has gone through several transitions and is now the United Church of Christ.


We cherish the history of First United Church of Christ and have celebrated our 75th Anniversary of the first building in this site, opened in 1912. Nine years ago we celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the first charter, signed by early residents, whose children and grandchildren now occupy the pews.

Our Christian Education Building, opened in 1954, required a concerted effort on the part of all members. Then in 1964, we entered our beautiful sanctuary for the first time. The installation of each pastor is of
special concern to us. Most memorable was that of William T. Longsdorf, who served this congregation from 1944 to 1959, then went on to become Conference Minister of Penn Northeast Conference.

The church continues to strive to meet the spiritual needs of its members and the community.